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A squeezy peri-bottle can be a life-saver when recovering from nicks or tears to the perineum after birth. The angled neck and soft bottle make it easy to spray a sitz bath blend or salt water solution onto your perineum each time you use the toilet, easing pain and promoting healing.

Even without any injury to the perineum, the peri bottle can be used to freshen up between pad changes after birth (regardless of type of birth) and to keep the area clean during postpartum bleeding and beyond.

The Dear Mama peri bottle holds 300ml of liquid, is easy to use and is a perfect addition to your birth bag. It comes in a pretty waterproof bag, allowing you to transport it without worrying about leaks.

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The Instant Perineal Cold Pack offers quick, cooling relief from bruising, swelling or injury to the perineum after a vaginal birth. Shaped to fit comfortably in a pair of Post-Birth / Hospital Panties, the pack is activated by folding it and stays cold for 15-20 minutes - no need for refrigeration. Pop a maternity pad on top if needed. These packs are perfect for the hours and days immediately after birth, especially in a hospital when you may not have access to a fridge/freezer.

The Perineal Cold Pack is designed for relief after a vaginal birth, but is also handy to have on hand to reduce pain and discomfort around a caesarean wound.

Healing Herbal Sitz Bath Blend - Organic Ummi

This Healing Herbal Sitz Bath Blend is for use in the early postpartum period to soothe tender perineal tissue after a vaginal birth and promote hygiene. It contains herbs that have powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

  • Each bag contains enough herbs for up to 5 sitz baths


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