Postpartum Manual – Jacky Bloemraad-De Boer

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“The ultimate goal of this informative Postpartum Manual is to help women and the people supporting them to understand and feel more confident about what is happening to women’s bodies and their emotions in the post-birth period. It culminates Jacky’s experience as a midwife, breastfeeding counsellor and postpartum care provider with her knowledge of Eastern medicine, herbs and nutrition. It focuses on what is normal when it comes to postpartum recovery and what is normal in the development and health of a newborn.
Jacky also highlight’s that mothers innately know their baby’s needs but that it is not a sign of weakness to seek or ask for support but rather a sign of strength.
Some of what she shares in the manual is theoretical and backed by science, some is ancient (cultural) knowledge passed down through generations of women and some has been acquired by empirical observation and working with mothers and their families. Jacky’s intention is to share best practice and the advice given can (and should be) adapted in a way that is culturally appropriate for each family.

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