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The key for postpartum underwear (regardless of the type of birth you have) is that they are comfortable and can hold the wonder that is a postpartum/maternity pad in place. These panties are a prettier and more comfortable alternative to fiddly mesh disposable hospital panties. And the fabric is washable, which ticks the eco-conscious box for us.

  • Designed for comfort & hygiene during post birth bleeding (after both a vaginal and a caesarean birth)
  • Ultra breathable to promote wound healing
  • Spacious fit to accommodate a postpartum belly

See description below for help choosing a size.


Choosing a size will depend on where you are in your pregnancy. If you are still in the early months of pregnancy, are carrying twins, or you naturally gain weight easily, choose a bigger size than you are currently wearing comfortably. The pattern is designed to accommodate a growing or postpartum belly, so the focus is a comfortable fit around the thighs and bottom.


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