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Various perinatal-related products in and spilling out of a gift box

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Glass tea cup filled with tea placed on a hessian coaster with a mint leave placed alongside

Pregnancy, Postpartum & Nursing Teas

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Various perinatal-related products in and spilling out of a gift box

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Welcome to Bird & Bear. A space created in celebration and support of the crazy wonderful journey of pregnancy, birth and postpartum – whatever that might look like for you.

With all the (completely justifiable) excitement around the arrival of a brand new baby, the immense transition that parents are experiencing can sometimes be forgotten. So we created an online shop stocking a range of practical, high quality products for pregnant, birthing, postpartum and nursing folks, making stocking a birth bag and preparing for the early days with a newborn super convenient.

My own journey as a pregnant woman, mother, doula and childbirth educator has helped me source well-thought-out, useful products that can help make this journey as smooth as possible, with the added benefit of having them all delivered straight to your door! 

We also have wonderful baby shower or new baby gift options in the form of our Gift Boxes or Gift Vouchers. The boxes are a combination of practical and joyful, with a little something available for the whole family (even the four-legged family members). If you’d like to spoil an expectant loved one but are unsure of sizes or preferences, a Bird & Bear Gift Voucher is just perfect! 

When sourcing products I prioritise small, local businesses, with socially and environmentally conscious practices and natural, cruelty-free ingredients.




Weird flex, but ok: Practice Contractions

Weird flex, but ok: Practice Contractions

The uterus is a pretty impressive, muscular, organ.  It provides a safe, nourishing environment for your baby during pregnancy.  It increases in size from about the size of a fist to the size of a watermelon to accommodate your growing baby. During labour, the...

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To the New(born) Dads

To the New(born) Dads

I've often heard comments from fathers about not knowing how to be useful during the very early days and weeks of having a newborn. Some say that they feel completely helpless or that they see themselves in a support role while their partners take the lead and that...

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